Reasons not to mess with a Ouija Board

If you don’t believe in ghosts you really have no business using a Ouija Board. It’s marketed as a toy, but it really shouldn’t be used as one. Many mediums and believers in the supernatural use them to call to spirits or talk to dead loved ones, and many professionals in these fields won’t touch them at all. Plenty of children and teens play with them at slumber parties. But if you’ve ever taken the time to watch a horror movie about Ouija Boards you’d know you are opening yourself up to a whole lot of creepiness and evil.

So, while it can seem like a fun game to play, here are some reasons why Ouija Boards shouldn’t be with the rest of your family games.

It’s Not Really a Toy (Or Is It?)

Obviously, if anyone in the world has actually contacted a real spirit through the spirit board or Ouija board then it’s definitely not a toy. If we’re all just making it up, then I guess there’s nothing to worry about. I think you’re better off only using this “game” if you’re going to take it seriously and understand the fact that you could reach another plane or some dead people with it.

You Might Learn Something You Don’t Want To Know

We’ve all learned that sometimes fortune-telling can reveal information you don’t want to know. While many fortune tellers refuse to answer questions about when or how a person is going to die, your spirit board doesn’t automatically come with that filter. If you really do get in contact with a spirit they may give you all kinds of information you’ll regret getting.

You Could Become Possessed

Messing with spirits can put your well-being and your life in jeopardy. There have been reports of people being possessed by ghosts and demons after using Ouija boards. Whether that was the catalyst for their issue and whether or not they were possessed and not pretending may not be able to be proved (and even if proved, some people still wouldn’t believe it), it still should be a warning to be careful.

You May Release Spirits Into Your Home

Even if you don’t get possessed using the board, that doesn’t mean that you won’t let loose some kind of bad spirit into your abode. Spirit boards are believed to be portholes to other dimensions, and who knows what you’ve made contact with. You may start to hear strange noises, things may start to move around in your home without anyone touching them, and electronic items may even start working on their own.

Spirits Lie

Don’t believe every word that board tells you either. Ghosts and demons lie. Just because the spirit board tells you that you’re talking to your grandma doesn’t mean that you actually are. Make sure to ask personal questions and keep your mind clear of the answers if you want real proof.

Ouija boards aren’t meant to be played with. Make sure you’re grounded before using one. Have a trusted friend use it with you. And never trust a word it says!


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