Scariest thing to happen to me in Old Town Spring

I often get asked during the 8 plus years that I have been touring Old Town Spring what is the most frightening thing I have witnessed. I rarely speak of it as it still scares me today to think about it…but here goes.
One night I took the group to the Haunted Well tour spot and for some reason that night it just felt off. It wasn’t until I started talking that I felt what seemed like fingers round my throat. Panicking I swiped at the air and the feeling went away.
I moved along a bit and again had the sensation of something trying to choke me. I garbled through my story so fast, sent the guests on their way and hightailed it home.
By the time I had driven home I had calmed down a bit. I convinced myself the whole thing was just my imagination and couldn’t believe I had gotten so spooked so easily. I was a tour guide for goodness sake!!
That evening as I was taking my make up off in front of the mirror, I saw red raised fingerprints on either side of my throat…..I slept with the light on that night.

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  1. That is so scary. Do you still go to that well on tour? Would love to experience it.

    1. Yes we do Phil, hoping to see you on tour with us sometime soon and I will take you to that very well 🙂

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